What we do


Our business is to promote your business. TexAvenue works as a partner with you just like your internal team. While you focus on your business, leave your sourcing and marketing to us. We ensure peace of mind and ease of business for you.

what we do


With the help of mobile app, we are connected to huge number of buyers. This strong network helps us to generate thousands of inquiries daily. Our Highly qualified back office team scrutinizes the inquiry to capitalize them.

what we do


Well established vendor connection along with great support team makes TexAvenue specialist.

what we do

Competitive Price

Price negotiation is one of our Key Strength. Being Connected with all the Markets in India we are confident about offering the best price to our clients. We take extra care to maintain transperancy and competitiveness in Pricing.

what we do

Logistics & Follow up

Our logistics department handles the orders post confirmation and ensures delivery On time and at minimal cost. Continuous follow up & update to clients is assured by our Department. This ensures trouble free delivery to the destination.

what we do

After Sales Service

We are always available for our clients in case of issues. Our after sales team is well trained to solve any type of issue in case.


what we do

Market Updates

Being in touch with majority of Markets in India and Abroad, We would give you daily updates with regards to movements, trend, new developments and many more via our Mobile Application.