We can source any variety of fibre from India and around the World as per our clients requirement.

Natural Fibre

wovenAsbestos Fibre

wovenCoir Fibre

wovenCotton Fibre

wovenHair Fibre

wovenHemp Fibre

wovenJute Fibre

wovenKapok Fibre

wovenLinen Fibre

wovenPina Fibre

wovenRamie Fibre

wovenSilk Fibre

wovenSisal Fibre

wovenWool Fibre

Man-Made Fibre

wovenAcetate Fibre

wovenAcrylic Fibre

wovenAramid Fibre

wovenAzlon Fibre

wovenCeramic Fibre

wovenFluorocarbon Fibre

wovenGlass Fibre

wovenGraphite Fibre

wovenMetal Fibre

wovenModacrylic Fibre

wovenNovoloid Fibre

wovenNylon Fibre

wovenOlefin Fibre

wovenPolyester Fibre

wovenRayon Fibre

wovenRubber Fibre

wovenSaran Fibre

wovenSpandex Fibre

wovenTri-acetate Fibre

wovenVinyon Fibre

wovenPolycarbonate      Fibre